Rest In Peace, Roberta Edging – 1925-2013

Roberta Gantzer Edging was born in Nashville in 1925, graduating from David Lipscomb High School, where she excelled in the lost art of stenography.  Following graduation, she found work as a secretary at a collections agency and later at the Dobson/Bainbridge Agency.  She married Roy Edging in 1946, and for the next 18 years, she alternated between working at Guaranty Insurance/Mortgage Company and Bransford/Sharp Insurance Agency and rearing the couple’s four children.  On June 5, 1967, Roberta went to work for the legendary Eddy Arnold at his Brentwood office.  Every single day since, Roberta not only cared for her four children and endured the loss of her husband, but she showed her acumen in the music industry time and time again as a loyal employee, a confidante and, most importantly, a true family friend to the Arnold and Pollard families, even beyond the Country Music Hall of Famer’s death in 2008.  Although she proudly wore the title of secretary to Mr. Arnold for more than 40 years, Roberta kept his music career and various other business endeavors running like clockwork.  From handling the books, interfacing with the record companies, publishers and managers, to fulfilling fan requests and all other forms of correspondence, managing calls to and from celebrities and high-ranking government officials, Roberta did it all single-handedly with just a phonebook, a two-line telephone, a shorthand tablet, a typewriter and a great deal of pride.  And even though they were of the same generation, she never referred to him as anything other than “Mr. Arnold.” She passed away peacefully on the evening of January 1st, 2013. She will be missed. Funeral services will take place at Spring Hill Funeral Home on Monday, January 7th at 11:00am. Visitation will be on Sunday, January 6th from 2pm to 8pm and on Monday from 10am to 11am. Spring Hill Funeral Home is located at 5110 Gallatin Pike, Nashville, TN 37216.

Eddy Arnold with Mrs. Edging in 2003 - Photo by Bobby Campbell


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12 Responses to Rest In Peace, Roberta Edging – 1925-2013

  1. Mary Elizabeth Edging says:

    My sweet Aunt Roberta. You are loved, and will be missed.

  2. Tammy Murdock says:

    Thank you so much for posting this information. It will make it much easier on her son Bill to notify everyone. I am engaged to Robertas grandson Tony, and he and I appreciate all that the Arnold estate is doing during this time of sadness.

  3. Bill Comer says:

    Roberta was one of the most loving and caring individuals I have ever known. Her devotion and loyalty to Eddy was unsurpassed. She was respectful and most helpful to Eddy’s fans and went out of her way to accomodate them.
    Words are inadequate to convey my sadness at the passing of this lovely lady. I always addressed her as “Sweet Lady” Roberta. she was truly a beautiful person who appreciated the fans of the talented Eddy Arnold.
    I am confident she has rejoined her familly,friends, Eddy and Sally in heaven. May God Bless Roberta Edging.

  4. Don Stewart says:

    I was shocked to hear about Roberta. I never got the chance to visit her in Eddy’s Brentwood Office….and I’m sadden I never did. I wrote to her and received not one,… but two nice letter from her. She told me a little about Eddy’s family….and the lost of her husband. She was very kind to take the time to write these two letters that I still have to this day.

    Now she can join her Husband who i assume died around 1992. She talked about her husband and how she missed him. Telling me she lost him 5 1/2 years ago in her 1997 letter to me. This is truely a shock….she will be sadly missed by me and all Eddy Arnold Fans. God bless her….and her family. Don Stewart.

  5. Doris Lewis says:

    I met Roberta in 2003. She and Bill Comer arranged for me to meet Eddy Arnold in his office in Brentwood. She was so helpful and friendly to me, my sister in law and nephew. I’m so sorry to hear of her passing, but know she is in a much better place. God Bless her and her family!

  6. lecha faulkner says:

    thanks for putting this out so many people knew Roberta, she will be missed. I am going to miss talking about my son to her, The grand son, wow what conversations we had over the years, Roberta you will be missed by all.

  7. Dorothy Jones says:

    My beautiful sister-in-law Roberta is now with my brother Roy whom she loved so much. She will always be in my heart.

  8. Linda Snow says:

    We were very glad to have the opportunity to visit Roberta, my sister-in-law, when visiting Nashville in November. She was very ill and frail, but nonetheless very hospitable and gracious. She recognized and remembered me right away. We had an enjoyable conversation about the past. I’ll always remember how proud and happy she was in her career, handling the affairs of Eddie Arnold, as well as managing a family–both with her extraordinary devotion to family and extraordinary work ethic. She was truly one of a kind. She will be missed by everyone who knew her.

  9. Jerry & Ruth Vandiver says:

    Ms. Roberta Has ‘Gone Home’ Now, May God Hold Her Close & Comfort Her Family & Loved Ones. I can only Assume That ‘Mr. Eddy’Was Second In Line, Behind Our Lord & Saviour ‘Jesus Of Nazareth’ To Greet Her, Into Her New Home, That Home In Heaven, Not Built By Hands, But By The Grace Of Our Omnipresent Almighty Heavenly Father & the Blood Of Our Lord and Saviour Shed On Calvary. God Bless All Of Mr. Eddys Fans & The Life Of The Dear Sweet Lady We Knew; As Ms. Roberta Edging and All She Did For Us… Sincerely, Mr. & Mrs. Jerry & Ruth Vandiver

  10. Jerry & Ruth Vandiver says:

    Ms. Roberta Has ‘Gone Home’ Now,To Her New Home In Heaven; That Home Not Built By Hands; But By, Our Heavenly Father & His Sons Blood Shed at Calvary. May God Hold Close Ms. Roberta, and Comfort Her Loved Ones. I Assume ‘Mr. Eddy’ Was All Ready To Greet Her.
    Jerry & Ruth Vandiver

  11. Delight Everett & Shirley Irwin says:

    We truly loved Roberta. We knew Eddie Arnold, he is the one that said “you have to meet Roberta.” We did and was blessed by her down to earth kindness and the joy that came thru her personality. We will miss her!

  12. Marlon Geno says:

    Roberta was a dear friend to us. She was a real Southern Lady whose loyalty to Eddy Arnold was wonderful. She did her job with effective professionalism and personal devotion. We loved and respected her from the time we met her in 1968. She is greatly missed.

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